Charlotte Scooter Safety Report


All over Charlotte – South End, Uptown, NoDa, Plaza Midwood, and other majorly popular areas of the city– you hear “ON YOUR LEFT!” from e-scooter riders. Lately it seems as though these e-scooters are almost just as popular as other transportation or ridesharing alternatives in large cities across the states.  

Over the years, we’ve learned to adapt to this new, fast form of transportation. You’re likely no stranger to spotting them in parking decks downtown or on the curb of our favorite breweries, but it's important to understand their safety level, precautions and the city regulations created to protect riders and pedestrians alike.  Who doesn’t like to maneuver through potholes, cut turns, and feel the wind blowing whilst commuting, brewery hopping, or just taking them for a spin? Ammiright?

So, we put together a Charlotte Scooter Safety Report to help you scoot your way safely through the city.  

Like everything in this world nothing comes without risk. The below infographic outlines the 222% increase from 2014-2018 in injuries directly related to riding e-scooters across the entire United States. The stats below are irrespective to any specific brand of e-scooters, and studies show that the injury rate is similar across all brands. The percentage continues to rise today as more cities are welcoming e-scooters, and as its popularity continues to grow. 

How can you prevent injuries? Studies showed that riders had a much larger chance at injury if they were intoxicated, aka you should not be riding one if you are above the BAC limit!

Be sure to stay alert when riding an e-scooter, especially during heavy traffic hours, both on the street and on sidewalks. 

If you are an e-scooter pro, you'll be a huge fan of this tee. Check out the entire Charlotte Neighborhoods Collection under "Collections" on and be safe, riders! 

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